Enjoy NYE. Celebrate the amazing year coming to an end. Then get ready to do it again...Bigger & Better.

Resolve to Evolve

Look ahead  to a new year of fun, health and wellness. 

Look ahead  to a new year of fun, health and wellness. 

  1. What was 2015 to you? This is a serious question... It is impossible to move forward without reflecting on the past. I suggest making a list of the year's high point and low points. 
    Think a little bit on each of those low points. Where they something you could have changed? Or at least changed your attitude and how the events effected you? 
    Think on those high points. What can you do to keep those going strong? 
  2. What was missed in 2015? It is important not only to reflect on what DID happen in your year, but what didn't happen!  What goals just slipped away? What opportunities did you pass up? 
  3. Use this past info to make your new goal(s). Write down a high point that you want to continue in 2016, a low point you want to develop upon, and something completely new to take on.
  4. Of course you can't just expect these things to happen because you wrote them down. That is the big issue with New Year's resolution... we just expect them to come true, but with little effort these grand ideas fade away and by February, we give up. Don't let it happen to you. MAKE A PLAN to accomplish these resolutions. 
  5. For each item you wrote down, make a monthly check point for each month of 2016 to keep you on track and motivated. Small milestones will let you record progress or lack there of and keep you focused all year long. 
  6. Go public. You're way more apt to stick with your goals if you share them. Be a motivator to your friends by making note of their shared resolutions and asking them how progress is going throughout the year. 
  7. Make it a apart of your everyday. Okay, maybe not EVERYDAY, but it should be present and not fall into the background. Write it on the fridge, keep your list on a 'sticky note' on your computer screen, or on brightly colored paper on your desk. 
  8. Set yourself up for success. Made a food resolution? Go shopping and fill your fridge with the healthy items. Now every time you open the fridge you'll be reminded of your positive ambitions!  Made a fitness goal? Join a gym or get a new piece of fitness equipment! Being financially invested in your goal will be great incentive to complete it!
  9. Reward yourself. Hard work should be rewarded so give yourself a gift for accomplishing each of your resolutions. This will help positive motivation towards reaching the goals. Make the gift something you can't have unless you accomplish the goal (ie. trip to France once you learn to speak French).
  10. It isn't just about the end reward. Try reflecting on all the positives you're getting from working on this new resolution. Is it saving you medical bills? Did you increase your social circle by making friends at a new spin class? etc etc... Keeping track of the positives will keep you going strong!

Personally, I am determined to continue to develop my eating habits. Specifically, I aim to fine tune what ingredients promote balance, energy and wellness with-in my body and reduce foods that make my skin feel dull, my digestion sluggish and my energy lacking. I plan to do this by increase the amount of clean meals I eat along with documenting/tracking when I'm feeling symptoms related to what foods I consume. I feel this will help reinforce my healthy eating habits and keep my body performing well throughout 2016.

Another point of focus for me is performance. 2015 left me on top of my game for cycling and running. Why stop now? I aim to continue going strong through 2016. Stronger actually with goals of going PRO for road cycling and running a PR at my first ELITE marathon in March. These may seem like lofty goals, but I'm ready to chase them down and make them reality.

The most difficult focus for 2016 will be developing my business. This has been an amazing venture and I have big areas of growth in 2016. The Cadence Kitchen will be involved in more collaborations and be a go-to destination for athletes and active people to learn more about their wellness and nutrition needs. 

Happy 2016 Everyone!

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