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Photos Before Forks

Photos Before Forks

Photos Before Forks

Its the Bros Before Hoes of the foodie world.

Like it or hate it, food photos are currently in. Instagram currently has 178,850,846 #s for ‘food’.

People are snapping shots of everything from gourmet dining to simple bread and butter.  Almost any restaurant you visit, there’s bound to be a guest sneaking a #foodphoto before digging in.

As you can tell from my IG feed and this website, I love a good food photo!

Before you scoff at this trend...

consider the HEALTH benefits!

Yes yes there really are reasons why snapping your breakfast can lead to a healthier you.

Here’s why you should join the trend as well.

·      Eat with your eyes.

o   By taking photos of your dish, you’ll try to make it look more photogenic which typically includes slimming the portion and adding more colors - both healthful things!

·      Promotes early dinners!

o   Natural light is a food photo’s bff. This means you can’t eat at 10pm and try to share a pretty pic. Eating earlier will allow you to have smoother digestion, sleep sounder and generally consume healthier calories as night eating is associated with poor dietary choices.

·      Savor the moment.

o   Taking a photo of your food requires there to be food on the plate… meaning you can’t just mindlessly inhale it! Pausing between putting food on your plate and in your mouth will allow you to appreciate the meal and what you’re about to put into your body.

·      You’ll take ownership and responsibility!  

o   “A picture is worth a thousand words” right? Yeap! Look at your photo, what words come to mind? Things like ‘green, healthy, fresh, vibrant, whole, organic’ or words like ‘greasy, big, filling, 

·      Provides recall.

o   Not a fan of logging food entries online? Me either! But keeping a camera roll of food photos gives you the ability to look back and accurately see what you consumed. 

·      Sharing is caring.

o   By making your foodie photo stream public you can gain the support and feedback of others. By adding relevant tags you will attract like-minded individuals, inspire others, and be motivated to keep up the good work.

I challenge you to try an 'Instagram Diet'!!  Spend 1 week eating only foods you post to your IG. :) 


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