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Winter Survival

Winter Survival Kit for traveling around the holidays. 

When the weather is tough, you need a wellness kit to keep you going!

When the weather is tough, you need a wellness kit to keep you going!

Traveling during the winter (especially around the holidays) can be very stressful and take a toll on your typically active, healthful lifestyle. In preparing for my own winter, holiday adventure which involves parties, uber frosty temps, skiing, and snow running... I've compiled a short list of my must have items and a few tips to maintaining wellness.



Typically, winter holiday travel will be less active than your normal day to day. Embrace it and let your body recover and enjoy the break. Prepare yourself to do this! 

  • Meditation Apps (yes, they exist).
  • Compression gear to allow your muscles to recovery. I use these awesome bright pink Comfort in Action socks. 
  • Books! Catch up on non sport things and remember that your mind is a muscle too :) Of course I suggest bringing along your fav cycling or running training guide so you can start thinking about the training to come... 
  • Aroma Therapy. Seriously, these little vials of scent are so easy to carry around with you. Break them out and take a whiff when you need to a boost. I carry Grapefruit for energy and Frankincense for relaxation. 
  • Yoga mat. Wether you yoga or not, bring the mat and try it out. Stretching is something most athletes skip out on so traveling is a great time to must out some new poses to lengthen and strengthen the body. 


Holidays are filled with sugar, alcohol, irregular patterns and travel can be very dehydrating. Combat this!! 

  • All that takes a toll on skin's vibrancy. I swear by Caudalie's antioxidant serum to keep my skin bright and fresh.
  • To detox and increase my liver function I sip on Get Clean tea by The Republic of Tea. It's caffeine free, allowing my body to relax while the milk thistle and dandelion stimulate my insides to cleanse. 
  • Aways carry a water bottle. Better yet, add some Nuun tablets to increase electrolytes and hydration.  
  • If you’re doing endurance activities, make sure to bring the products you are accustomed to consuming to avoid GI stress.
  • To ease myself out of a food coma and return to lighter, normal meals, I mix plant based powders like Green Superfood with water or nut milks to nourish my body without adding the unnecessary calories of a full meal. They sell travel packets too which is super convenient. 


Winter's cold temps are harsh on the lungs, skin, and muscles. 

  • Try salt baths and warming balms to easy muscle aches. 
  • I swear by CARMEX. Yeap, the simple, standard drug store staple is my #1 for winter protection. 
  • The sun is still out even tho you're freezing. Protect your skin. I trust Neutrogena's Sport Face. 
  • Feel a little throat scratchiness coming on?  Grab an Organic Manuka Honey Lozenge. They have bee propils, which are honey by products of sort which contain over 300 active compounds to support your health and wellness. 
  • Overeating is a known issue for the holidays and travel separately... put them together and you have a disaster. I carry salted almonds and dried, unsweetened mango with me to curb snacking desires. 
  • Every athlete knows that change in environment can cause GI distress and fueling problems. Pack fuel your body is used to. For colder than normal temps, I add a Honey Stinger to a cup of hot water and sip it to give my body the warmth, calories, and normalcy it needs before training. 

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