Can't Stand the Heat...

This week came with a big boost in temps. When things go from 50 degrees to almost 80 over night it is important to shake up your routine just as fast.

Here are my top tips to staying healthy and active as the temps rise.

1.     Hydrate! Do not underestimate how much water you’ll need while being active in the sun. Studies show having a cold beverage before a workout can help keep body temps lower and energy higher. Add a generous amount of crushed ice to your pre workout beverage to get the effects. Don't forget to bring an extra water bottle with you and plan for an extra water stop on long outings. Also, start practicing better hydration all day long by sipping fluids like iced unsweetened tea, coconut water, or adding an electrolyte tablet to plain water for a boost.

2.     Keep the food light and colorful. Revamp your diet to reflect the season by putting vibrant and energizing produce center stage. Getting away from cooked heavy meals and opting for raw foods will recharge your body’s energy levels, taste buds, and digestive system while keeping your body in bikini ready shape.  Try my Peach Gazpacho Recipe

3.     Restructure your day! Now that the days are longer, try opting for a lighter breakfast and putting more calories later in the day to fuel post work training and activities. For example, instead of a bowl of maple nut oatmeal and banana for breakfast try having a hard-boiled egg with avocado on a slice of sprouted grain toast and a small grapefruit juice.

4.     Watch your energy levels. Appetites tend to decrease as days are warmer and longer while time spent training typically increases. Don’t get caught being under fueled. Pay more attention to adding a pre and post workout snack to keep you going strong.

5.     Sunscreen up! Being healthy and well is about more than just what you eat and how active you are. Make skincare just as crucial as pumping your tires before a ride. I suggest using a sport specific variety to keep you protected as you sweat. Going out for hours? Pack a sample size with you and reapply.