Top Expert Tips

If you could tell someone 1 thing they need to do to improve their nutrition status, what would it be? 

Nutrition expert Jim Weinstein, PhD RD CSSD, shared his top three tips with me.

Lets take a look at how you can implement his advise for better health and nutrition. 

every healthy diet needs a colorful spread.

every healthy diet needs a colorful spread.

1) The More Color The Better.

Sure! What dietitian doesn't want you to eat the rainbow? Why? Well because every different color of food provides a different set of vitamins and minerals. Eating multiple colors ensures you aren't missing out on any specific nutrient. 

How to apply this rule:

  • Set a goal to consume at least 3 colors at every meal. 

How not to apply this rule:

  • Skittle's tag line 'Taste The Rainbow' is misleading! Just because candy is bright and colorful does not mean it meets the guidelines for this rule. 

2) Eat Closer to the Farm. 

You don't have to go visit an actual farm to accomplish this, although you could... But start looking at where your food comes from. The closer it is to the actual source, the more nutrients and less processing it has undergone. 

How to apply this rule:

  • Easy in the summer when farmers markets pop up everyday of the week. Find a farm you like and instead of buying 1 (at least) item from the grocery store, start purchasing it from the farmer. 

How not to apply this rule:

  • Unpasteurized milk is not sold in at the grocery store for a reason (except WV?)... Even tho your farm may sell an item, make sure it is safe for consumption. 

3) The Less Feet the Better. 

I can hear the uproar through my computer screen already... Seriously tho, plants have a more diverse and complete nutrient breakdown than animal products. Neglecting plant intake is a huge dietary downfall. 

How to apply this rule:

  • Consume 5 meatless meals a week. Thats not even 1/day! You can do it! 

How to not apply this rule:

  • Becoming an instant vegan. Making any drastic dietary change is likely to come with a host of problems and there is no reason animal products cannot be a part of your healthy eating style, just make sure it is a part and not the majority. 

Thanks to Jim for sharing his tips and letting me elaborate on them a bit! 

Obviously there are many ways to incorporate these dietitian 'rules' into your diet. Too many for me to list without you getting bored! ;)  

So lets open it up for discussion! Post your 'how to apply this rule' goal or suggestion to motivate yourself and others!