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2018 Meal Plan

2018 Meal Plan

Happy New Year; 2018 is here!!

Wether you have big health resolutions this year or not, most of us could at least do with a little getting back on track after the holiday season. 

Here is a sample meal plan with recipes to get you back on track, focused and ready to tackle whatever your 2018 brings!!


Follow these quick tips the first week of January:

  1. Cut out alcohol! Not forever, but after the holiday celebrations, it's time for a break. Stick to water, coffee and tea this week.

  2. Nix added sugar. Your body wants a rest from all the treats & sweets. Stick to whole, natural foods for a quick reset this week. 

  3. Higher protein. Make sure each meal contains around 30grams of protein (plant and animal) to keep you full.

  4. Opt for fiber. Choosing fiber rich whole grains, fruits and loading up on the veggies will help regulate appetite, keeping you satisfied on less calories. 

  5. Eat Simply. Now is the time to cut back on the food prep. Aim for meals that are simple and contain just a few whole food ingredients (salmon, broccolini, sweet potato, spices) to keep you from overdoing it or getting overwhelmed! 

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Chicken, Lentil & Rice Soup

Chicken, Lentil & Rice Soup

Elmhurst Spinach Smoothie

Elmhurst Spinach Smoothie