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7 Days of IF

7 Days of IF

I’m through my first week of intermittent fasting and wanted to bring you an update!

7 days/nights of having at least 12 hour fasting periods between eating windows. This style of IF is commonly known as time restricted eating which limits eating to a specific window of time without dictating any other changes. Read more about the basics HERE. I don’t have a specific goal in mind for how long I want to keep this up because hopefully it will become a normal habit and I’ll just follow it longterm. So a week is pretty short to make serious evaluations, but I wanted to share my thoughts so far.



  • I have been sleeping great! More time to digest food before laying down, means my body can focus on resting instead of processing food.

  • No sitting & snacking at night has made me a more productive person! I do chores, stretch, have started doing more core work again… It is really amazing what you get done when not snacking all the time!

  • Eating full meals in a short period of time leaves less room for random bites and snacks throughout the day. I’ve been focusing on eating more at once (like my latte WITH my meal instead of an hour apart) and I’ve been feeling much more satisfied & well fueled.

  • I prioritize my food for my hard workouts. Not each bit of activity needs calories. I am making sure my hard efforts are timed to have pre-workout food without mindless grabbing snacks for shorter or less taxing training.

  • Instead of just grabbing food/drink as soon as I wake up, I slowly sip coffee, and wait. Its great to know ‘oh yeah, I can actually be patient for food’.

  • I feel more in tune with my hunger and satiety cues.

  • I eat the ‘worst’ foods at night (alcohol, chocolate, ice cream…) so having a strict cut off cut out this bad habit. This isn’t to say I did not indulge, but it happened much less.


  • Definitely had to be mindful of the clock which does get a little irritating.

  • Took a little getting used to feeling more hungry or more full than normal.

  • Need to meal prep to have early dinners ready. (is that really a con tho?…)

The biggest concern I had, and many of you had as well, is could I continue training well while eating this way. Well, I completed 57 miles of running & 120 of cycling with a total time of 15 hours & TSS of 815 and I feel great! So yes, it is totally possible to train on this schedule!

I’ll keep sharing my progress. Research does say that doing this 5 days a week is beneficial, so I ‘m sure I’ll take a day off here and there. So far, I’m really into you, as you can see; the pros out number the cons!

If you are looking to try intermittent fasting but unsure how to get started, book a consult with me!

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