Avocado Toast

#AvocadoToast has even been named one of the most annoying foods on Instagram. Why? Well I’m guessing it is the overwhelming need to share something so inherently simple… The hashtag links over 328,000 photos of smashed fatty green on a slice of toast. Cafes can now comfortably charge $7+ for the ‘meal’ and search any model, fitness guru, dietitian or celebrity and likely, they’ve shared their love of avo-toast.

We get it, it’s a thing.

But is it healthy? Should we really be adding it to our meal plan? If so, how often? And with all the variations, how should you take your avo toast?

Yes! It is healthy! Kinda. Healthy-ish really. ‘Healthy’ is a term I don’t love to use. As a dietitian, I have been conditioned to avoid it because what is healthy for me, might not be healthy for you; every body’s needs are unique!  As a meal, avocado toast is pretty straight forward (avo+toast if you were wondering). But let’s break it down anyway…


Analyzing the avocado easy! It is a pure whole food option and loaded in good quality fat. Depending on your energy needs and macro breakdown, you might want ¼ or ½. The fat increases absorption of fat soluble vitamins (ADE+K) and provides satisfaction and a sense of fullness. Besides fat, the mighty avo is loaded with other nutrients (see below) to keep your body strong + nourished. 

The toast part is more challenging to analyze the healthiness of as toast just refers to the technique of browning bread and not actually the ingredient itself. So the healthfulness really depends on what type of bread you are using. Aim for something hearty, with whole ingredients, less added sugar, and more fiber. Using white Wondebread will nix points on the healthful scale compared to a sprouted buckwheat variety.  Choose your bread wisely.

So that’s it… but is it?... Avocado + bread gives the body fat (good fat!) + carbs (hopefully good carbs!) but what about the protein? Meals should have all macro nutrients represented in order to sustain and fuel the body fully. Add some #yolkporn to your #avotoast for a complete protein meal and potentially more IG likes. If you’re not into eggs, try tempeh bacon, mashing greek yogurt into your avo, topping with smoked salmon, or at least adding a hearty helping of crushed nuts + seeds.

The PIT... Can you eat it? Jury is still out on this one. While the pit is said to contain some nutrients along with loads of fiber... it might not be safe for consumption. Studies done on pit nutrient benefits use the extract, not whole pit. So if you find an avo powder or extract, sure why not... but until then, stick with the flesh. 

My fav Avocado Toast combos:

  • Add grapefruit + marmite + microgreens + black pepper
  • Add almond butter + sea salt + cinnamon + bee pollen
  • Add cayenne + lemon + sea salt + egg
  • Add smoked salmon + pickled red onion + sunflower seeds
  • Add crumbled uncured bacon + coconut aminos + kelp flakes + sesame seed


Share your favorite #avotoast combos in the comments!