A very bad day

Sunday would not be my day.

After a 6am wake-up after a pleasant sleep in the van, I made coffee by jet boiling some water and mixing in a mushroom coffee packet. Had some GoRaw coco granola with milk and banana. I was happy and having fun with my 'breakfast in bed' morning. By 7am I was driving. I felt good, well rested, happy and ready to race more. I pulled into the race parking area around 9am. Plenty of time until the 10:15 start time listed on the flyer. The flyer stated that all women would race together which isn’t uncommon in smaller local fields. I didn’t feel like warming up much, choosing to just ride around the parking lot as staging got underway. I saw a group of female racers gathered together so I didn’t think anything about it. At 10:07 (I distinctly remember looking at my watch), I rode up and joined the group. But something was off. The official called ‘women 4/5 + juniors’… huh? I was confused. Chelsea saw my confusion and called out to me. I had missed my start. What? I didn’t understand. There was a neutral roll out for a few miles until reaching the start/finish line so I threw my bike in the back of her car and we sped to that point. The group was just ahead, so I jumped on and started pedaling hard. I was unsure of how I wasn’t catching the girls. I mean, what local field takes off that hard… but okay… I went harder and Chelsea jumped in to motor pace at a couple points. There was a longer uphill at mile 6 and I was closing on the group, by the end of the climb I would have them. Then it happened. Flat tire. Fuck. Really? Again, my bike was in the back of Chelsea’s car, this time for good. I was miserable. Really annoyed. We caught up to the group that I was supposed to be in, they had started the women 1-3 with the men 4. What?! I was still so confused. It wasn’t until after the race that the organizer said that flyer was from last year and not updated and that they’d started ahead of schedule. I was livid. He refunded my race entry, but still. I had put in a lot of effort to attend this race and a refund didn’t seem like enough.

So that sucked. But there was worse to come. My bike must have gotten tossed around a bit in the back of the car because when putting the rear wheel back on, my super delicate + uber high maitenence THM rear brake decided not to function anymore. The carbon cable was broken making the brake completely worthless. No front tire. No rear brake. WTF. It wasn’t a good place to be in when on the road with the intention of riding as much as possible. Bike shops weren’t open on Sundays and it would take 2 days to glue a new tire. The brake was the real issue, as I had another front wheel from my TT bike I could use on my BMC. Luke would have to overnight new brakes to a shop which meant Tuesday was the earliest it could be worked on and would likely take until Wednesday to replace and maybe even Thursday to get the wheel. Logistical nightmare. It also sucked for all the trainging I was hoping to do on this trip. Sunday was a total waste. I got a whole 6miles in. I would be left training on my TT bike in the meantime. I wasn’t happy. This area has mountains and my goals was to spend hours riding. Climbing for hours on a TT bike didn’t have the same appeal. Oh well. There was nothing else to do at this point. Sunday I spent the night in Ithaca at my artist cousin’s apartment. We walked some falls and took a spin together Monday morning. A TT bike and a MTN bike do not pair well together! It was a bit funny, but also fun to just cruise around together. After about 30 minutes of that, a good warm up, I did some TT intervals and packed things up to hit the road. I had to make the 5 hour drive to Killington to get to Apline Bike Works before they closed. It poured the entire drive. So much for a spin when I got into Killington. Ugh. I got my bike in the shop at 4:35pm -they close at 5- just made it! Fingers crossed for a speedy repair. 

Now I had to figure out where to stay for the entire week.

Not in a happy place. This trip had started to suck.