Burger Time

There's no denying that burgers are a summer staple. Step away from the classic lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup toppings and try something new! This fun take on a burger is fun, flavorful and nutritious. 

Also, don't take your summer food too seriously!

This is more of a 'combination of ingredients' over a 'recipe'. So feel free to use it as inspiration and use your own favorite products (although trying mine won't disappoint!). 


+ Burger Buns ( I use Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Buns)
+ Veggie Burger ( I use Dr. Praegars Super Green) 
+ Avocado, sliced
+ Pickled Red Onions
+ Peaches, sliced
+ Kale
+ Dressing ( I use Brianna's Classic Buttermilk Ranch)


Cook your veggie burger, toast your buns. Massage the dressing into the kale. Load your bun up with the patty, avo, dressed kale, peach slices, and onion. Dig in. Napkin required, this might get messy!!