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Overtraining is a buzz word. It is actually extremely difficult to get your body to the state of being clinically over trained. What isn’t difficult to suffer from is burnout. Burnout can hit even the most high achieving, motivated and productive of us. Burnout is a state of physical and/ or emotional exhaustion. Due to our very high stress, highly shared, do it all current lifestyle demands, burnout is becoming a very real condition.

Are you burnt out?

Maybe! Burn out sufferers are likely to feel fatigued (mentally/ physically), dissociated from once passionate projects, and your performances/ productivity has declined.

How to Bounce Back

  1. Step Away! The best thing you can do is take a break. Take a vacation or just go to lunch with friends. Whatever you do, make sure it means stepping away from the project taking away your energy.

  2. Fresh Eyes! Get someone to step in and assist. Great things are rarely accomplished alone and getting a fresh perspective can be refreshing and can restore your connection with your work.

  3. Find the Fun! Burnout is more likely as we lose our connection and passion with the tasks at hand and when you’re going too hard, being too strict for too long. Reconnect with why you started the task(s) and what really motivates you and get back to that aspect. Turn off your social media notifications, leave the training computer at home, sign up for a fun run or adventure ride, schedule a lunch date with friends, explore your creative side or volunteer with a passion project. Whatever you do make sure it helps you find the joy again.

  4. Assess your Situation. There are underlining factors contributing to your burnout, identifying those will help prevent it from happening again. Is your schedule overwhelming? Do you have a solid support system? Has an important part of your life taken a backseat? Are you able to communicate with those around you? Fixing the foundation will help you succeed.

  5. Improve your Wellness. Take a look at your health end wellbeing, is something slacking? Are you neglecting yourself? Take steps to ensure you’re eating a nourishing diet, getting enough fresh air, and meditating daily to reduce stress. Try tools like daily harvest to stock a no fuss, nutrient rich freezer and headspace to meditate on demand.

Honey Miso Veggies

Honey Miso Veggies

Carbs, Fat, Protein

Carbs, Fat, Protein