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Collard Wrap

Collard Wrap

I swear I almost gave up on the Collard Green Wrap. I've tried it numerous times in the past, all resulting in failure. Cracked 'wraps', fillings spilling out everywhere, too small to fit anything worth eating in, etc etc... dismal. I was coming to the conclusion that collard wraps were just a myth of the internet. It must be photoshop! It must be fake! It'll be a messy disaster as soon as you bite in! 

Okay dramatic maybe, but you get it... 

Then I ordered a burger in a collard wrap at Bare Burger and it was awesome. I decided, if they can do it, I can do it! This mindset has gotten me into trouble before, but I stubbornly stick with it... 

But I went into the task determined and here's what happened... 

INGREDIENTS: (Each wrap requires 2 collards, from there... how much you stuff into them is up to you)

+ Collard Leaves
+ Hummus, flavor of choice
+ Avocado
+ Sticky Black Rice, cooked
+ Veggies ( I used shaved watermelon radish, cabbage, sprouts)
+ Tamari
+ Seeds ( I used sprouted watermelon + sesame) 



Watch this video! 

Boil a pot of water. Dunk the leaves in, one at a time, for ~30 seconds. Place on a clean towel to dry as you dunk + repeat with the remaining leaves. Trim any excessive stalk. The tricky part is 'shaving' the rib. Take a sharp knife and gently trim/shave the bulky rib until it is very thin. Do not cut the rib out, as this will leave your fillings spilling out! Use 2 leaves per wrap. Overlap 2 leaves (large part on the outside).  Add your hummus, then rice, then all other treats. Burrito roll it by tucking the ends in, then rolling up from one side. Make sure to roll it tightly, but gently. 

Makes the perfect packed lunch!  Be creative with your fillings! I also like hummus with smoked salmon, avo, cabbage, cucumber + jalapeno. 


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