Core Work


Everyone wants abs. Literally everyone. Unfortunately, they're super tough to get, even the best athletes and eaters struggle to have the ab definition they desire. What you eat, how you digest food, how much stress you're under, and the intensity of physical training all work together when it comes to seeing abdominal muscle definition. 

I'm no exception to 'everyone'; I want abs. I have them on my good days. 

Here are my top tips to getting abs:

  • Eat foods you digest well (bloating will hide abs!)
  • Hydrate
  • Add intensity or HIIT workouts
  • Decrease stress (cortisol increases abdominal fat) 
  • Improve your posture (slouching creates a poofed out gut) 
  • Focus on full body workouts (burpees, kettle bells, planks, jump rope, box jumps...)

Here is an ab workout that I do to really feel the burn. The key is to switch moves every minute on the minute to keep the burn going. As you get better at it, start adding more difficult moves or equipment such as weights, resistance bags, stairs, kettle bells, jump ropes, etc...  During the rest portions, take a break but also use it as a chance to switch gears. I frequently do lunges, squats, arms, boxing, and other moves during the breaks for additional gains. 

Core Work.jpg