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Egg Salad, Revamped

Egg Salad, Revamped

Sure, its a classic! But like many classics, this one doesn't have the best rep for being healthy. Thankfully we now know that eggs are a serious super food and should be apart of our healthful diet. However, eggs weren't the only worry. Classic egg salad is creamy and thick with mayo, not really the right kind of fats to fuel our fit bodies with!

This version is fun, flavorful and will deliver a delicious and nutritious summer meal in minutes. 


+ 2 eggs, hardboiled + peeled
+ 2 tbsp Hummus (pick a flavored one! I used Thai Coconut Curry by Hope Foods)
+ 1/2 Avocado
+ Sprouts, any variety
+ 1 tbsp Red Onion, finely diced
+ Greens
+ 1 tbsp GoRaw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds
+ Salt and Pepper
+ Canyon Bakehouse Bread or Mary's Gone Crackers (depending if you want a bowl or a sandwich!) 


Mash the eggs with hummus, salt and pepper. Stir in the seeds and red onion.

If doing a bowl, scoop the egg salad onto your greens.  Crumble the crackers ontop and add the micro greens/sprouts. 

If making a sandwich, add all ingredients between two slices of toasted bread! 

Why hummus over mayo??  

Well, it adds the same mayo-ish creaminess but along with fiber, healthful fats, and way more flavor! Make this with a different flavored hummus every time for a unique spin you won't tire of! 


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