Fatty Bowl

HEALTHY fat of course! It's almost 2018 guys, get with it, fats are IN! This is a true macro bowl; it has one true protein source, one fat, and one carbohydrate. 


For this bowl, play with the amounts based on how much food you need! Since the ingredients are so simple, you might only want a scoop of each or a cup of each, it's up to you. Also, feel free to play with the flavors! Add some sriracha, or use everything bagel seasoning... its up to you! Have fun and enjoy!


+ Roasted Butternut Squash - Chunk and roasted in coconut oil, salt, and chipotle flakes. 
+ Avocado - smashed with lemon, cilantro and salt
+ Salmon - Steamed plain and flaked 

This dish is gluten free, grain free and dairy free without skimping on calories, balance or nutrition!