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Favorite Things

Favorite Things

As a sports dietitian, recipe developer, blogger, and social media addict, I often get sent products to sample. Of course the company's hope is that I LOVE the item(s) so much that I post a raving review and frequently showcase their items in my posts.  Its a great method. The company gets their product into someone's hands for essentially free advertising and promotion. And whats in it for me? Well, I love getting packages. I love trying new things. I love posting on social media. Win win win!!! Right? Well... not so fast. Not every product fits my vision of healthful or can be incorporated into my lifestyle for one reason or another.  

So here are my current list of tries and LOVES.

I highly suggest you try them out because the quality/ healthfulness/ taste/ company mission... all are worth investing in. 


  • Red Duck Foods - Odd name, but awesome sauces. Organic, gluten free and most varieties are vegan. If you love your ketchup + bbq, toss out your other junk-loaded processed bottles and stock up on these. The color is bright, they smell like fresh picked tomatoes, and have bold flavors. 

  • Cleveland Kraut - This should come as no surprise to those of you who follow my IG. I LOVE this kraut. Like borderline OBSESSED with it. I mean why not!? It's natural, raw, bold, flavorful, good for the gut and the folks behind the cabbage are super passionate and wonderful to work with. Stock up on all the flavors, trust me, you'll soon find there's nothing you can't kraut! 

  • Go Raw - I find it difficult to let a single meal slip by that I don't consume a bit of Go Raw product. Their line is, as the name states, RAW! And gluten free, meat free, and junk free. These granolas, bars, seeds, and snacks are minimally processed, sprouted, and make eating healthful on the go very simple. My fav are the sprouted watermelon + pumpkin seeds along with the spirulina bars. Soooo good! 

  • Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse - Newsflash: I have Celiac Disease! Its a bummer... except not really because this brand is so good, I never miss bread!! Seriously. Gluten Free breads can be hit or miss, but Canyon is the best I've come across. The bread doesn't crumble apart or taste like cardboard (a common GF trait). I am always packing ride sandwiches on their loafs and use their bagels as pre-workout fuel on the reg. There are enough varieties to keep you interested and the price point allows you to stock up. 
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  • FAWEN - Drinkable soup! Wait, isn't all soup technically drinkable?... Not like this! FAWEN has run with the concept of replacing smoothies with soups by packaging organic, gluten free, vegan super nutritious combinations in portable BPA free containers for on the go cold soup consumption. Of course, if you want it warm, just pour into your fav bowl and enjoy a steamy spoonful. Soups are one of my favorite post-workout recovery foods because they replenish hydration + electrolytes and help cleanse my palate of sugary sport fuel. 

  • Halo Top Creamery - This one is a bit tricky for me... I was a long time hater of this, and similar, products. Sometimes it takes a sample to change a mind. While I don't consider Halo Top to a be a 'whole food' bc it is pretty processed with gums, fillers, and sugar alcohols, it does have a place in my diet. After trying it, I can't go back to hater status. Its that good. I was fearful that the sugar alcohols would wreck my gut, but I had zero negative reactions to the product.  They offer plenty of GF flavors that have a creamy texture and no weird 'diet-food' aftertaste. A serving has just 70 (flavor depending) calories with 6g protein which is a huge improvement on other calorie, sugar, and fat loaded ice creams. I don't suggest downing the entire pint, but a portion here and there can really satisfy the sweet tooth without major diet damage. 

So there you have it! The items that keep me healthy + fueled!  

Have you tried any of these?! Would love to hear your thoughts + experiences! Have Qs about any of them? Ask in the comment section and I'll do my best to answer :) 

If you have a product you'd like me to try out, please contact me directly! Thanks! 

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