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What I'm Recovering with NOW

What I'm Recovering with NOW


Chocolate milk is so 2016. 

I take that back. I love chocolate milk as a recovery option! But recently I've been going for something a little more 'adult'. 

I've long been a fan of soup as a recovery fuel option. It aids in hydrating the body, providing electrolytes, and can be customized to your needs and preferences. After a cold winter ride, not much tastes better than a steamy bowl of chicken and wild rice soup. Much better than forcing down another icy blended protein shake. But it's summer and sweltering. So is soup out? Well it was. No one wants steamy soup after a steamy ride. Also, summer workouts involve more traveling to ride from fun locations and it isn't very convenient to pack thermos of soup, bowls, spoons, a camp burner?.... Yeah, no thanks. 


FAWEN Drinkable Soup has been a game changer for my post ride fueling.  

Finally, an easy way to pack a nutrient rich, savory soup! No more super sweetened recovery smoothies! No more coming home exhausted and not knowing what to make.

FAWEN is a portable carton filled with thick, creamy (but vegan!) vegetable based soup. You could pour it out into a bowl. You could heat it up. Or just toss it in your cooler or gym bag. Bring a straw or don't. It is that simple. 

Okay sure, it's easy, its delicious but is it healthy?  Yes.  

FAWEN is vegan, organic, gluten free and contains a brief, real food ingredient list!  

And it also stacks up against the leading smoothie and soup brands. Look at these nutrition label comparisons for yourself! FAWEN is loaded with more vitamins, minerals, fiber and has less sugar. Winning! 


IMG_6426 (1).JPG

Want a discount?!


Use code " WELOVELORI " for 20% off at www.drinkfawen.com

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