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Managing It ALL

Managing It ALL

Whoa what a week, month, season… Seriously friends, it has been alot.

I’m pretty good at handling high amounts of work and getting sh*t done, but this has been a true test! I know social media and the pretty photos shared on Instagram can make it look easy, like I spend all day eating salads and playing bikes, but that is far from the truth. Behind the photos, there is so much going on!!!

Since February, I’ve spend seriously 16 days at home. I’ve been all over the United States, racing my bike and having amazing experiences. But also, it’s HARD. It is hard being alone for so long, especially when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It is hard to work when you don’t know if you can have internet or schedule calls because who knows what time zone you’ll even be in. Spending hours a day training on the bike, plus hours a day driving to a new location leaves little time to squeeze in a full work day, let alone proper recovery, managing a cycling team, trying to plan a wedding, and oh yeah, grad school!!! These challenges are typically welcomed. I enjoy being accomplished and taking on more than most. I get a thrill out of taking on ‘almost’ too much. To the point where I just might crack… but the ‘I can do it all’ attitude kicks in and somehow I get it done.

However, these past two weeks have been testing all my limits. Instead of getting a thrill from the accomplishments, I’m feeling burnt out. Its hard to say this (type it to you all) because I definitely feel pressure to portray the image of doing it all. I also don’t want to come off as complaining. As my mother loves to tell me ‘You do this to yourself!’. I know mom! Gosh. I am not exactly complaining because I love all that I do and all the opportunities I get, but I am needing to keep it real and show a bit below the surface.

The great thing about freelance/ contract work is that it is flexible and I really can work anywhere. The downside is work is unpredictable. Project offers, deadlines, and clients tend to come all at once which is exactly what happened in the last two weeks. Here’s a little look into the projects I’ve had to tackle in the last week:

  • Training for ProNats, more intense workouts than normal, more fatigue than normal!

  • Sleep schedule has been off since leaving the pacific time zone, getting to bed super late throws off my next day.

  • Visiting with parents who I love but are more nomadic than myself and enjoy sending a text ‘we’re an hour away!’ regardless of where I am in the world.

  • Writing an 8 page research report for my first semester of grad school.

  • Normal class reading, discussions and coursework.

  • Keeping up with clients; nutrition plans, phone consults and new client set up.

  • Writing a piece for MyFitnessPal

  • Writing a piece for Active.com

  • Writing a contract piece for a client.

  • Conducting an interview for a future podcast (stay tuned!)

  • Scheduling future content development work for clients

  • Trying to secure a wedding venue, googling forever, sending emails & trying to commit!

  • Creating a new kit design and managing sponsor’s requests for Femme Équipe.

  • Developing a potential plan for 2020 cycling team.

  • Writing a sample text for a new nutrition book.

Outside of ProNats and the wedding, most of these items have deadlines that just all happened to be Friday June 28th! So its been alot getting them all figured out and tackled.

Thanks to everyone hanging in there while I stress out. Sometimes you just have to scream for a minute to come back collected and focused.


Here are some ways that I manage it all:

  • LISTS - I make a daily list of what needs to get done on that day alone.

  • I need to jot down ideas as soon as they hit me to that so they don’t weigh on my mind and I don’t forget them. So I keep a notebook on hand and use my phone to record ideas.

  • Start with something I can get done ASAP, tackling a small item gets the productivity going!

  • I break up the work with a meal, a ride, a podcast…

  • Put on a good playlist! It keeps me focused, podcasts or tv is too distracting.

  • Deep breath and tell myself something positive!

  • Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel…

At the end of the day, the work can get overwhelming, but its all part of the journey. Just focus on why you love it, what motivates you to keep going and just do the best you can!

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