Good Day Chocolates

I'm a big fan of little things that make big impacts. Good Day Chocolates has been that for me. Lets be real, they had me at chocolate (am I right?), but the benefits go beyond that. Each variety of candy coated chocolate packs a dose of just what I need to get through traveling, heavy training, or just day to day life. Here's a closer look:


ENERGY - each piece contains 20mg of caffeine which makes it easy to control just how much of a boost I need. I pop a couple pre ride to get me alert & energized for the upcoming training session. For long days in the saddle, I bring extra along for a quick fix!


SLEEP - every athlete focused on improving performance knows how important sleep is and how hard it can be to come by when muscles are sore and schedules tight. Personally, I have a difficult time sleeping soundly through the night. Luckily, two of these chocolates before bedtime has helped me to easily fall into a deep restful slumber and wake without any grogginess. 


PROBIOTIC - gut health is no joke guys! Spending hours a day cycling along with frequent travel means my gut can be overtaxed from an intake full of simple sport food and unfamiliar products. Each piece contains a whopping 1 billion CFU (colony forming units) to help promote digestive health. I carry this variety with me at all times to keep my gut happy and calm.


Learn more about Good Day Chocolates variety & benefits HERE.