Who doesn't love a good sandwich?

They can be a great way to get balanced nutrition in without a ton of hassle. Opt for more than meat + cheese + mayo between your bread in order to fuel your body to be active, healthy, and energized!

+ 2 slices Bread
+ 1 Veggie Burger (I use this one!)
+ 1 leaf Kale
+ 1 handful Sprouts
+ 1/2 Avocado
+ 1 tbsp Vegan Mayo
+ Pinch salt + Pepper



Cook your veggie burger according to package instructions. Toast bread and spread with the 'mayo'. Smash the avocado onto one slice. Sprinkle with S+P. Add burger, kale and sprouts. ENJOY!


+ Make it Extra Special

**Use the best whole grain or sprouted bread you can!