Harissa Burger

Harissa Burger


Nom Nom Nom. I love a tasty burger. Of course, I rarely go out for them because this is one of those meals that restaurants tend to over do. Meaning they cram in excess amounts of unnecessary ingredients (bread crumbs, butter, etc...) which makes you feel over stuffed and gross, and takes away from the pure flavors of a simple burger. I suggest enjoying burgers often! Seriously! Pick a whole grain bun, grassfed meat, lots of veggie toppings... as long as you keep the portions in check & stick to the basics, this can be a healthful & balanced meal!

To promote #foodfreedom and enjoying all things (in a healthful way) I'm sharing my recipe for Harissa Burgers w/ Balsamic Onions.  Now I use grass fed ground buffalo because of the higher iron & higher omega fat content, but you can sub in any meat or (non meat) you'd like.... but I really do suggest trying it with grassfed buffalo! 


+ 1 pound grass fed Buffalo, ground
+ 3 tbsp Harissa Sauce
+ 2 cloves Garlic, minced
+ 1 large Red Onion, sliced
+ 1 tbsp Olive Oil
+ 1 tbsp grassfed Butter
+ 1/2 tbsp Raw Turbinado Sugar
+ 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
+ 2 cups Spinach (or more)
+ Buns, whole grain (I use Canyon Gluten Free)
+ 1/4 cup Goat Cheese, crumbled
+ 1/4 cup Mayo
+ Pinch of Salt & Pepper

How To:

In a skillet over low heat, saute the onion, butter and oil. Stir frequently, letting the onion slowly soften. Once they begin to caramelize, add the sugar and balsamic. Continue to cook and stir for a couple more minutes. Remove from heat. 

Meanwhile, combine the harissa & garlic with the meat. Just enough to incorporate, but not to over mix. Form the meat into firm patties. You will get 3-4 depending on size. Cook these on a grill or cast iron skillet if indoors. Roughly 5 minutes per side (less or more depending on how you like them cooked!), flipping once. Remove. While the meat cooks, you can be toasting the buns. 

Assemble your burger by mixing the goat cheese with mayo and a pinch of salt and pepper. Spread a bit on the bottom bun. Top with a burger patty, onions, spinach & top bun. YUM! 

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