Healthy Snacking

Experts agree that 3 balanced meals are the way to go when looking to clean up eating habits and achieve an ideal body weight. But lets be real, most of us need a snack to get through our busy days and prevent splurging on empty calories later. 

So what makes a snack healthy?
Think of it as a mini meal and try to apply healthy meal standards; balance + quality. To not go overboard, try to keep the calories around 200 and most importantly (says research!) make sure to include protein! Why is protein crucial for snacking? It helps to promote satiety, improve muscle tone, boost metabolism, and maintain a healthy weight. Studies show that 7g up to 20g of protein per snack-time will do the trick! 


+ 1 Go Raw Rowdy Ranch Salad Snack bowl
+ 1 Hardboiled Egg
+ 1/2 cup Cooked Quinoa


Open the snack bowl. Toss in the quinoa. Cover and shake to combine. Reopen and toss in your egg. Close it up again and pack it with you for that moment when hunger strikes!