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Home Gym

Home Gym

Creating a home gym environment is worth the initial investment.

No more waiting for your favorite machine, adhering to group class schedules, or sharing sweaty smelly equipment. When you have a home gym area, you control when you workout and exactly what workout you do. That flexibility is a huge advantage to sticking with and seeing fitness gains. Also, having a private space will give you the confidence to try new moves you might not be comfortable doing in front of others. 

Start small and add gear/equipment as you go along. I suggest starting with equipment that can be used in a variety of ways so you do not limit yourself. The more space you have, the more you can add specific pieces. 

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Here are my top suggestions for what to fill your home gym with. 


General Equipment:

  • Ladder/ Cones - Can be stored away easily when not being used. Great way to get HR up and work agility in a small space.
  • Box Jump - Perfect for building explosive power and takes up little space. 
  • Bosu Ball - The best piece to increase difficulty of any moves. Use for lunges, squats, crunches, etc... 
  • Equalizer/Balance Bars - Very versatile! Use it for dips, thigh rises, or adding variation to mtn climbers and push ups. 
  • Punching Bag & Gloves - Ideal way to get your daily stress out and get your HR up and core challenged.
  • Yoga Mat - stretching & core work are essential to your routine.
  • Resistance Bands - A simple add that will help boost intensity of moves.

Specific Equipment:

  • Bike Trainer - Turn any bike into an indoor fitness machine and get your cardio on!
  • Treadmill - If you're a runner or want to add sprint/hill repeats to your strength routine.
  • Erg - A rowing machine is a non weight bearing way to work the whole body. 


  • Kettle Bells - A light one for arm work & heavy one for swings/ legs.
  • Dumbbells - Try a set that has adjustable weight options to save space & progress with your strength gains. 
  • Sand Bag - Easy to adjust the weight & works as a less stable (meaning your body works extra) weight source. 


  • Fitness Watch with HR monitor - You want to be able to upload workouts and track progress. 
  • Towels
  • Fan - crucial to keeping air flowing and body temp controlled.
  • Nutrition (water bottles, electrolytes, bars, gels)
  • Speaker/Music
  • Fitness Clothes & Sneakers - Just because you're at home doesn't mean you shouldn't look stylish. 
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