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Instant Improvements

Instant Improvements

We all have ideas on what the healthiest practices are. We are also all desperate to find that magic thing that will catapult our health into rapid perfection.  My nutrition philosophy as a dietitian revolves around taking an individualized, lifestyle approach to finding what works for you. But I get it, that is a long and trying process and we want results now.  Well I’ve got you covered. These are the best things you can do right now to see an immediate boost in your health!



1)    Start the Day with Protein – Jump start your weight loss goals and energy levels which this simple action: get 30 grams of protein at breakfast. Too many people rely on carbohydrates at breakfast (waffles, pancakes, cereal, toast) which your body burns through rapidly and leaves you desperate for more food, increases cravings and throws off blood sugar stability. Unless you’re eating before an all-out effort (think 5k race or FTP test), your meal should have more than carbs.

2)    Eat More Plants – Every diet can improve with more unprocessed plants. This doesn’t mean you must go vegan or eat bowls full of tofu, it simply means: eat more plants then you currently do. A diet rich in colorful, unprocessed plant foods contains more fiber, phytonutrients and micro nutrients that are vital to your body’s proper functioning with little caloric load (in short, they are nutrient dense foods). Adding more plants to your plate also provides a high level of satiety to keep you full.

3)    Cut the Junk – While I hate to villainize certain foods, there are plenty of food products that shouldn’t be a regular part of your diet. An easy way to cut junk from your diet is to opt for whole foods over processed foods. Eating this way is an ideal way to jump start progress on any health goal whether it’s eating for disease prevention, performance, or weight loss. Whole foods and lightly processed foods you should look for are single ingredient items that resemble their original state as closely as possible. For example, a baked potato over chips or olive oil & vinegar over bottled dressing.

4)    Eat Less at Night – There’s no need to set a strict ‘no food after _ pm’ rule, but eating less in the evening is a key component of weight loss, improved sleep and increased athletic performance. Most of us are less active in the evenings, meaning our bodies require less energy (obtained from the foods we eat). Putting those calories into the earlier part of the day will help provide your body with energy when it actually needs it to get sh*t done.

5)    Drink Water – No shock with this one, sorry, nutrition is boring sometimes. But seriously, before you can consider the health powers of anti-inflammatory foods, fasting, mushroom powders, cleanses, cbd, and every other potential nutrition hack, you need to start at the beginning by drinking more water. Don’t worry about a specific amount, just down a cup in the morning, before each meal and add sips throughout the day. It takes no extra money or equipment and you will see benefits such as skin radiance, energy boosts, improved digestion, and decreased food cravings.


There are many ways to boost your health with food and diet style, but these 5 tips will provide a foundation everyone can benefit from starting now. When your lifestyle regularly includes these 5 tips and you are looking for that next step, or you’re struggling with making these 5 tips stick, it’s time to invest in a personal consult with me.

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