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What I eat: Long Ride

What I eat: Long Ride

I get asked pretty often what I eat. What I eat for breakfast, lunch, while in the shower, while on a run, while in bed, while riding my bike... You get the idea. You guys want to know what I'm consuming!!!  I don't blame you either. I definitely put a lot of effort into creating visually and nutritionally satisfying meals to fuel my body for all activities. 

So I'm starting the 'What I Eat' series. In these posts, I'll go through what I actually consumed during different activities/days. 


  • Maple Cayenne Whole Milk Latte
  • Bagel Sandwich

Bringing on the ride:

  • 1 thick slice home baked buckwheat fruit/nut bread
  • 1 banana
  • 1 baggie standard gummie bears
  • 2 homemade energy bars (watch video below to make your own!)
  • Nuun tablet in water bottle 

**This ride has options to stop off at for more food if needed. 

***These are my favorite energy bars for taking on rides!! Make them yourself!

What I actually consumed during 93 miles:

  • 1 energy bar (bites throughout the ride)
  • Entire slice of bread (some at ~30mi and the rest ~50)
  • 1 tall holiday spice flat white from starbucks at mile 11. 
  • Small white mocha immediately after
  • 1 individual packet Cocoa Elite + h2o

Consumed later that night:

  • Salad from Whole Foods salad bar (so good!)
  • GF pizza, 4 small slices (I wanted to eat the whole thing)
  • 1 glass wine
  • 1 whiskey cocktail 
  • Few bites of ice cream (oops!)

Thanks for tuning in!

Look for the next 'what I eat' segment soon!

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