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Love Bread Again

Love Bread Again

Hi, I'm Lori, an athlete, a dietitian, and I LOVE BREAD.

I feel like it's something I have to stand up & preach.

Say it Oprah style, with passion & conviction. 

Why? Well there was a time I was brainwashed into the old school dietary view of 'Bread?! ~gasp~ Dietitians do not eat bread! Healthy, fit people do NOT eat bread!'. Times have changed, nutrition science has changed, and my personal relationship with food has changed. Being a serious athlete, i have to consume nourishing meals to support my training energy need and do not cause GI issues. This is a hard task, especially being gluten free, that I struggled with for awhile before just giving in to the fact that I love a good sandwich. No coconut wrap or collard green would do, give me real (gluten free) bread please. Seems like no big deal... but choosing to include ~gasp~ bread (even white bread!) into my diet helped my performance increase and my food anxieties decrease. So what if I eat bread? It helps fuel my body, I do not feel guilty about that!!  Also, bread is such a blank slate, allowing creativity to flow with super nutrient rich, colorful ingredients to go on top or between the slices. 

I invite you to love bread again. 


LOVE <3 Bread Sandwich Recipe:


+ 2 slices Canyon Gluten Free Bread ( I used Heritage Whole Grain)
+ 1/4 cup Beet/Red Cabbage Kraut (Cleveland Kraut makes my fav beet kraut)
+ 2 slices Havarti or Provolone, thinly sliced
+ 3-5 (size depending) slices Uncured Fennel Salame (skip to make vegetarian) 
+ 2 tbsp Roasted Garlic Hummus
+ 1/2 tbsp Mayo (I prefer Vegenaise) 
+ 1 Beet, pre cooked/peeled & sliced (LOVE BEETS are a great quick option for this)
+ 1 tbsp Hot Piquanté Peppers, diced
+ Red Cabbage Microgreens (optional... but amazing!)

How To:

Spread one slice with hummus and the other with mayo. Fill with all the ingredients EXCEPT microgreens (if using). Press on a skillet or use a panini press for ~2 minutes until toasty and melty. Open the sandwich and let cool for ~30 seconds before adding the handful of greens. Smash it back together and devour! 

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