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Bowl Food

Bowl Food

Salad Bowls + Macro Bowls


These 2 meals make up 80% of my intake. They are the ideal way to get colorful, nutritious variety and balance in a meal.

What’s the difference? Not much! These dishes have the same guidelines but typically a salad bowl is comprised of more raw ingredients and eaten cold. while a macro bowl is a bit heartier, uses more sautéed or cooked items and is eaten warm. Either one is a good choice. I suggest adding both varieties to your diet to mix up the amount of raw vs cooked foods you consume. The biggest benefit of including these meals in your diet is getting a high variety of nutrients while balancing the starch: protein: fat content.

Below are my basic guidelines to creating your own bowl.

For more details, watch my video and download my e-book which has detailed suggestions, recipes, photos and tips.

Step 1: Start with Starch: Grains, pseudo-grains and starchy vegetables will give your bowl a satisfying, energy delivering base. Aim for a larger scoop, or roughly ¼ your bowl being a starch. Add extra starch if you’re in a heavy training period and need extra carbs to fuel your body.

Step 2: Go for Greens: Greens add a ton of nutrition without tons of calories. This makes them ideal for balancing out the heartier parts of your bowl. I suggest a mix of shredded raw greens, but you could also sauté them. Along with your other veggies (step 3) this should make up at least 1/2 of your bowl. If you run out of greens, don’t panic! Just skip to step 3 and load up more there.

Step 3: Add a Variety of Veg: Cooked, raw or both you can’t go wrong! I suggest choosing 3-5 options that include a variety of colors, flavors and textures: crunchy raw carrots, tender baked beets, crisp cucumber, tangy sauerkraut…the options are endless. Focus on vegetables, but don’t rule out a fruit for natural sweetness! Fill at least 1/2 of your bowl between veggies + greens. 

Step 4: Pick a Protein: This component will help fill you up and promote a lean body. Your goal is to fill at least 1/4 of the bowl with protein. I suggest varying your intake of plant proteins (beans, legumes, tofu) with animal proteins (chicken, egg, salmon).

Step 5: Sauce Things Up: No one wants a bland bowl! Boost the flavor with a drizzle of dressing, tamari, peanut sauce, sriracha, etc… To make things interesting, I suggest using two contrasting flavors; try a cool sauce on the greens and drizzle with something spicy to kick up the flavor. Make sure you limit your portion to keep things healthy and balanced!

Step 6: Nutritious Extras: Add texture, flavor and extra nutrients with a handful of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, hummus, avocado, and/or supplements (sprinkle of spirulina or bee pollen…).

Purchase my $5 Salad + Macro Bowl Guide for more detailed tips, info +  combination ideas!

Watch me run through my meal prep + assembly to make these bowls for the week!

Thanks for stopping by, now go make some healthy bowl food!!

Check out my RECIPES for bowls.

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