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Matcha Chiller

Matcha Chiller

So Fresh + So Green.

Sipping a cold beverage is a proven way to run faster during hot temps. This chiller provides a caffeinated energy boost from matcha along with the superfood powers of spirulina to get your body energized.   Camel milk is my new obsession. It's pricey, but worth it. The grassy, creamy flavor pairs well with 'green' foods and nutritionally, it is also superior in B vitamins and iron than other milk varieties. 


1 tsp pure matcha powder
+1/4 cup hot water (just under boiling) 
+1 tsp Spirulina
+1 cup Camel Milk (seriously. or other milk)
+1/2 cup ice cubes


1. Add matcha powder a small bowl
2. Add hot water and whisk until matcha is dissolved
3. Let cool
4. Add all ingredients to a blender
5. Blend until the ice is crushed
6. Sip and feel those #superfood powers set in! 


+ Make it Extra Special

Sweeten with 1 tbsp agave if desired

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