Mint Cocoa/Latte

Mint has many benefits including being calming, decreases feelings of nausea, and helping to cleanse the palate. Another benefit is its ability to promote healthy digestion. Personally, I believe increasing our digestive efficiency is a huge part of staying well and energized by improving sleep quality, nutrient absorption, and energy utilization.

I suggest starting the day with a mint latte to pep you up, or ending the day with a mint cocoa to ease you into a solid slumber. 


Ingredients: (for 1)

8oz milk (organic whole, or nut milk!)
+ Pinch of sea salt
+ 1 square Go Raw mint chocolate
+ 1 scoop Collagen (I used vital proteins)
+ 2 shots Espresso (omit if making cocoa) 
+ 2 tsp Raw Turbanado Sugar


Gently heat your milk, stirring constantly. Add in the espresso (if using), collagen, chocolate, sugar, + salt. Stir + heat until the chocolate is melted and collagen is nicely dissolved. Foam or froth and drink up!