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New Year, New Changes!

New Year, New Changes!

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Hello Friends!

Here is a little (HUGE) update, The Cadence Kitchen is now Hungry For Results!

This change is coming to better align with the information and image we provide to a large audience of athletes, fitness minded folk, and everyone looking to boost their health through better nutrition practices.

The Cadence Kitchen was started a few years back when a lay off from my cushy corporate position as a grocery retail dietitian allowed me to focus on a new project. I started this blog about racing, eating and other related topics where I could share my hobbies through writing and photography.

Since then, I have obtained my masters degree & national board certification in sports nutrition and with that education, have progressed this blog into a business that provides nutrition coaching services, recipes, articles provided to outside publications (MyFitnessPal, Active.com, Pretty Damned Fast, etc…) and posts on fitness and nutrition advice. The page originally focused on cycling & running (sports that include a focus on cadence) but has progressed to provide information applicable to fueling a healthy body for general life, power sports, gym workouts, endurance sports, sprinting, etc… Basically, whatever results you’re after, I want you to be HUNGRY to get them and have the information and services here to help you achieve them.

In order to reach this larger audience and broaden scope, it was time for a name change!

Thanks for joining me for this journey and I hope that you appreciate the range of information available to you on this site!

Instant Improvements

Instant Improvements

Fueling Start / Stop Sports

Fueling Start / Stop Sports