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No Rest Mondays

No Rest Mondays

Forget what you thought, Mondays are not for taking it easy.

It is very common for athletes at all levels and sport to take Monday as an easy or off day. It was very common for me to schedule workouts like this until recently. What changed? Well, I took a minute to really think this concept through and ultimately decided that I didn’t agree with the norm.


Old Thought:

Take Mondays off or easy.


  • You put in extra hours of endurance training over the weekend.

  • You feel sluggish from staying up late, eating too much, drinking too much.

  • Monday’s are difficult enough without adding a workout.

New Thought:

Mondays are for Intensity & Intervals.


  • Your muscles are ready to bounce back after long slow efforts.

  • You’re in a high glycogen state from extra weekend fueling and your body is desperate to put it to use.

  • Monday’s need a kick in the ass to get the week off to a motivated, energetic start!

For the upcoming week, swap your workouts to have the shorter, intense effort come on Monday. You might be super shocked that your body feels great and you’re able to push it harder. This doesn’t mean rest isn’t important. Easy and off days are crucial, so don’t skip them, just swap them to a day later in the week.

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