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No Spandex Challenge

No Spandex Challenge

Yes, you read that title correctly… Take off those leggings NOW & join me in what will be a true challenge; not dressing exclusively in athleisure.

But spandex is so easy! Joggers are so comfy!

I get it.

But since when is doing what’s easiest and most comfortable the BEST thing? Not often and getting dressed is no exception.

Time to challenge yourself !!! Taking the time to change out of your workout gear, shower, do your hair, and pick out a ‘real’ outfit will help you have a better day. Seriously, it’s scientifically proven. Haven’t you heard of ‘dressing for success’? By investing effort into making yourself look a bit put together and stylish, you are projecting an image of confidence and power.

Entrepreneurial activity is on the rise! I work from home, so do many of you. Until recently I was stuck in the routine of working in my training attire. Sometimes I’d wear my kit for hours as I got sucked into work after hoping off the bike or back from a run. That’s easy, yeah, but it is also gross and doesn’t motivate me to be the best at my job. In the past few days of dressing like I actually go to a job, my focus is better, I want to tackle more work, and I feel more confidant in my choices. Just as freelancers should set schedules, hours and deadlines for themselves, they should also not wear pajamas or workout gear ton the job. It doesn’t take much effort to dress yourself well. Invest in several well made, neutral colored core pieces along with a couple trendy statement pieces so you can mix and match with ease.

If you work at a gym or are a trainer, you might not wear ‘real’ clothes for your job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still change out of your work athletic gear when you clock out. There is something very satisfying about changing clothes, so put on a nice outfit to cook dinner or go meet up with friends.

For athletes trying to reach body composition or weight loss goals, a real pair of denim is much less forgiving than a pair of stretchy spandex. By putting on clothes that don’t expand easily, you’ll be helping yourself meet those body goals.

When you do put your workout clothes on, you will be more inspired to use them to their full potential. TRAINING!

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