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Off Season Q+A

Off Season Q+A

I opened up my Off Season Nutrition post to you all to ask your questions.

To protect individuals and keep this concise, I’ve group similar Qs together.


  1. Is this the time to lose weight?

    1. Not really. Like I mentioned in the full post, this is the time to relax habits. That may or may not lead to weight loss for you. Use this time of reduced stress and training to get back to intuitive eating and listening to your body. That might lead to weight loss or it might lead to a gain. If your eating habits are not good during the training/racing season then this might be a good time to work towards making healthful changes without the stress of performance.

  2. How do I get used to eating less?

    1. This is a toughie. It takes time. Your body does not stop being metabolically active the minute to enter the off season. The best way to adjust is to start with more whole foods. These will add fiber and volume that fill you up more for less calories. If you start to gain more weight than you were planning to, you might need to mentally check in at meals and as yourself if you really need that bite for your current activity levels.

  3. Should I work on my body composition during the off season?

    1. Maybe! This is a great time to do cross training and workout for fun. That might provide a new challenge for muscles you weren’t previously using which can lead to lean gains. However, the off season is about being ‘off’ so no strict or routine training, even in the weight room. It is a good ideal to measure your body composition at the end of your season and after your off season to see how you might have fluctuated.

  4. I have a large amount of weight to loose before next season, when do I start?

    1. If you have more than 5-6% to lose before hitting race weight, then you should be working towards this regardless of the off season. The idea of gaining and loosing is to give the body a break from being at a borderline too low of a weight. If you are still working towards large weight loss goals, you should be attentive to this goal during the off-season as well.

  5. I can eat more than SALADS right?

    1. Absolutely! This is a great season to ramp up eating roughage that your gut might not handle well while in season; training hard, traveling often, and needing energy to perform. But that does not mean the off season is about lettuce only, try roasting vegetables, making soups and stews, or stir frying.

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