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Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seeds


Question: What do you do with the seeds of your papaya fruit?

A: Scrape them into the bin?

B: Eat them!


If you toss them, you're tossing out loads of nutrients and potential benefits. 


Enzymes - Just like the fruit flesh, the seeds are rich in proteolytic enzymes. These substances assist the breakdown of proteins & waste.

Digestion - Papaya seeds may create a strong, healthy gut environment and ease GI issues.

Anti-inflammatory - Phyto compounds found in these little black seeds may help reduce inflammatory issues such as skin redness, arthritis, and muscle soreness. 

Health Conditions - There is some evidence that papaya seeds can be useful in the treatment of tumors, liver cirrhosis, parasites and viral infections. 

The USDA does not have data on the complete nutrition profile or recommendations for servings of papaya seeds. For this reason, keep you intake limited to an ounce at a time and avoid concentrated supplements or extracts. 

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