Holiday Perspective

Tis the season to struggle with maintaining a healthy diet.

There seems to be this panic sets in, like just because its December and December contains a major holiday, the whole month must be a dietary disaster of sugar cookies, candy canes, and egg nog. Eek! Except not so fast… It’s a holiday, or a few holidays. It doesn’t have to be a full season of over eating. Focus on your normal, health forward diet and fitness routine and on those actual holidays, go crazy! Seriously, don’t stress about 3 ‘bad’ days of eating when the other 28 days can be awesome!

Dec Struggle (1).png

Give this a shot for yourself. Use this visual to stay on track and focused on the days that will be really worth indulging on treats.

This month does not reflect everyone’s holiday needs. Print off a monthly template and use red exes and green checks to market out your own monthly schedule.