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Post Run Meal

Post Run Meal

Runners tend to focus on the meals they consume before and during training… but afterwards, it all goes out the window!

Athletes who are training again within 24 hours - high volume athletes or those doing two-a-days - need to focus on immediate recovery from hard sessions. The ideal strategy is to have 60 grams of carbohydrates immediately after stopping and follow that up with a 25 gram whey protein shake. Normal meals should be resumed when appropriate to the time of day and energy needs.

When athletes are doing shorter volume workouts that have more time between sessions, immediate recovery isn’t a priority. This doesn’t mean the athlete should neglect nutrition. It just means the ‘recovery window’ isn’t as important because there is enough time between physical performances for the body to be nourished and recovered. But that’s only if your diet is of high quality!! If you don’t get enough of the right nutrients between workouts, you’re not likely to recovery well or go into the next session fit and ready.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from runners is that after a long run, they want to eat everything and can’t control the hunger / cravings which leads to overdoing it and / or choosing the wrong foods.

How to combat that?!


Just eat MORE after your run.


Seriously, too many runners start at empty and come back from their workout too hot and tired to fuel properly. Eating a full, large, and balanced meal after your run will help satisfy the body and prevent cravings later on.

My Sports Dietitian Recommended Post Run Meal:

Shake - helps get nutrients in asap, but it isn’t enough on its own. Blend 1 cup almond milk with 1 scoop collagen powder + 1 scoop Moringa (helps boost iron & reduce inflammation).

Bagel - Instead of doing the traditional BPJ which is high in healthy fat and simple carbohydrates, aim for something a bit more balanced. Fill a toasted whole grain bagel with 1 tbsp cashew butter, a drizzle of honey, pinch of salt, 1/2 a banana and 2 eggs.

This combo might seem like a lot, but its a great option to replenish and front load the day to prevent issues later on.

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