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Post Workout Routine

Post Workout Routine

Training is tough enough right?

Do you really need to perfect your post workout performance too? 

YES. Hard YES. 

If you neglect a strong post workout routine, you're setting yourself up for potential long term poor performances, slower recovery, greater risk of injury, weight gain, and even mental stressors. 


So what does a strong post workout routine look like?

Here are my top tips for a strong post workout routine. 

  • Immediate nutrition - make sure you get a mix of protein + carbohydrate as soon as possible.
    • Missing this step will lead to poor muscle recovery, depleted glycogen stores, and potential over eating later in the day. 
    • My favorite recovery option is portable + quick: Power Bar's Clean Whey Cookie Dough (its gluten free!) and a shake in my Blender Bottle, typically vanilla almond milk + Vital Protein's Coconut Whey.
  • Stretching! Old school, muscle stimulation, compression, salt bath, yoga, cryotherapy, ice bath, foam roller... whatever works for you. Just make sure you give those muscles the relaxation they need. 
    • Personally, I like to use 'The Stick' on a daily basis and occasionally youtube 'yoga for cyclists'. 
  • Hydrate! Weighing yourself immediately pre/post workout is the best way to gauge how much fluids were lost in training and how much you need to replenish. Aim to drink at least 16 oz per pound of weight lost. 
    • Water isn't enough for most athletes. Make sure to find an electrolyte enhanced option that works for you. 
    • My go-to post workout beverage is LyteZone ionic electrolyte water. I love the crisp, clean lemon flavor!
  • Get Comfy.  Training sessions can leave you sweaty, over heated or chilled to the bone depending on the intensity, weather conditions, how you dressed, and your body's natural ability to regulate temperature. Getting your body back to a normal temp is crucial.
    • Strip down! Sitting around in a sweaty chamois or sports bra won't help your body feel comfortable or return to normal. 
    • Take a hot or cold shower and put on some fresh clothes. 
    • I bring a towel and extra water with me to training so I can wet the towel and wipe myself down post workout. I also always carry a blanket (i tend to get cold FAST) and change of clothes with me. 
  • Mentally decompress. This might sound odd, but research actually shows that the longer you dwell on your performance (strava stalking, power, mileage, etc...) the longer you delay recovering from the activity; your brain needs to move on too! 
    • Mental stress can cause poor sleep, anxiety, weight gain and chronic inflammation, so work on ways to destress post workout and take your mind off the performance. 
    • My favorite techniques -> Headphones (I love UrbanEars) and a killer playlist, jotting down my thoughts, meditation, a solid nap, or getting right to work so my mind changes gears and focuses on something else. 
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