Protein Powder Guide

Cadence Kitchen's Lori Nedescu, MS RD LD was quoted in this Runner's World article.

The Definitive Guide to Using Protein Powder

Supplementing your protein intake isn’t just for weightlifters.

It can be a valuable training tool for runners as well—if you use it correctly.

ByJames Stout for Bicycling WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2016, 11:04 AM

We all know that protein helps runners recover from hard runs, but sometimes we struggle to get enough nurtitionally complete amounts into our system as we rush between workouts and workplaces.

Protein powders can be an easy, convenient option—but they are also historically chalky, gas-inducing and goopy. No one would blame you if you’ve sworn off the stuff, but if you haven’t tried it in a while, it might be time to give protein powder another look. Today there are lots of options, which taste, dissolve and digest much better than they used to—great news for the time-crunched athlete.