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Pumpkin Post Workout Smoothie

Pumpkin Post Workout Smoothie

It's PUMPKIN season!!! 


Forget the overly artificial flavored pumpkin pie + spice everything; your body doesn't need those exaggerated fake flavors, chemicals and additives. Instead, turn to the real thing and start getting creative. Roasted pumpkin tastes amazing in salads, eggs, and smoothies! 

I keep roasted pumpkin flesh on hand to use throughout the week. It's especially ideal for this recipe as it allows me to blend up this amazing smoothie as soon as I finish my workout! Perfect for meeting that 30 minute recovery window!!


Ingredients: (1 serving)

+ 1 cup Milk (or MALK
+ 1 cup Pumpkin, roasted
+ 1/2 Banana, Frozen
+ 1 scoop Vanilla Protein, Whey (if not vegan) or Pea/Hemp/Soy
+ 1 tbsp Coconut oil
+ Pinch of: Cinnamon, Pink Sea Salt, Cardamon, Vanilla Powder



Blend + ENJOY!


+ Make it Extra Special

**You can use any milk for this, but I love the added flavor and light consistency of cold pressed Maple Pecan MALK 

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