Recovery Mix

It's crucial to get your brain & body refueled asap after a hard workout. The harder and longer a training session, the more important the recovery snack becomes. To make it as easy on myself as possible, I create a 'bulk bag' of mix. This way, I can grab a scoop and add it to my liquid and shake without any delay. Creating your own dry mix allows you to customize flavor and nutrient profile to your personal needs.

This mix contains roughly 150 calories, 20grams of high quality, BCAA providing protein & 20grams carbohydrate per scoop.

Depending on the workout, you might need a 1:1 ratio carbohydrate:protein up to 4:1 carb:pro. 

Mixing with nut milk like I do, helps to increase the carbohydrate content and adds vitamins & minerals essential to your body's recovery needs. 

Recovery Mix.png

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