Rest Day Practices

It took me a long time to value the importance of these days and know that many of you are struggling to come to terms with them as well. To help you get to a place of acceptance, I challenge you to think of your rest day as more than just a day without activity. This is a day to attack with purpose just as you would with training days. To do this, here are my best 5 best practices to make the most of your rest day!

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  • Nourish yourself!! - Fill those bowls (or plates…) with nutrient dense & colorful foods that are often neglected during heavy training. Think fruit, veggies, unprocessed grains, high quality proteins and don’t skimp on seeds & spices! Try this RECIPE.

  • Mentally Unwind! - Turn off the athlete brain for a bit. Try an unrelated podcast, magazine, or tv show for a much needed training break. Go a step further to promote your mental wellness with a session of meditation!

  • Mend your Muscles!! - This day must include intentional time spent helping your muscles recover. Do a little yoga, stretch, sit with your legs up, take a salt bath, use a foam roller, etc… Your body and muscles need this TLC to rebound and recovery.

  • Be Productive!! - Life is busy with work, family, friends, etc… add on 10-20 hours a week of training and things get crazy. Likely, you’ve been ignoring some tasks, chores or even people. Schedule a coffee date, clean out your closet, run those errands, etc… You’ll feel better about returning to training with the weight of commitments procrastinated off your shoulders.

  • Sleep!! - This one is vital. Athletes need more sleep than the average person as many physiological adaptations occur during shut eye. Aim to stay in bed late, take a nap, or get to bed early on your rest days.