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Powered by Sandwiches

Powered by Sandwiches

Many of my busy days are fueled by sandwiches. Its such a simple way to create a filling, tasty meal; just spread & stack ingredients between two slices of bread and done. Need a meal on the go, just wrap it up and that sandwich along for the workday, hike, drive, or ride. That last option is a standard for me. I frequently stuff a sandwich in my jersey pocket to take along on training rides for real food fuel that keeps me pedaling for hours. 



Pre Workout Sandwich:

Sandwiches are a great pre fueling workout option because the bread is easy to digestion and supplies the body with carbohydrates to be used as a quick energy source. Before a workout, it's best to keep the fillings simple. Aim for something lower in fiber and protein which won't help you power through a training session and could even cause gastrointestinal discomfort.  Consume you sandwich one to three hours prior to a workout to allow for proper digestion.

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This classic combo is too simple not to make! Spread Heritage Honey White bread with nut butter + honey + banana slices. Sprinkle with salt for a pre-workout sodium boost. 

Bagel Blues

Antioxidants in blueberries can help reduce muscle soreness. Spread a toasted Blueberry Bagel with cream cheese + top with berries. Add chopped rosemary + salt.


Carb up with nutrient rich squash! Smash roasted squash with ricotta, pepper and turmeric. Spread onto your bread. Drizzle with a bit of maple. Try this on the Deli Rye Bread!

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Mid Workout Sandwich:

If you've never stopped during a long workout for a bite to eat, you're doing it wrong! Long endurance workouts needs refueling to keep energy levels up and muscles working hard. Sandwiches work great for mid workout fueling due to their ability to be easily packed and consumed on the go. Simply wrap in foil and throw in your jersey pocket or gym bag. Aim for simple carbohydrates to supply fast energy and a little fat + protein for satiety.

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Camp Bagel

When you're spending hours working out, you can indulge a little! Spread fluff + chocolate almond butter onto a Plain Bagel. Sprinkle with salt and devour with a smile.

Avocado Power

The healthy fats in avocados will help your body feel satisfied enough to keep powering through your training. Smash avo + hummus + sriracha onto  toast. Add a handful of sprouts for texture.

Up Beat

Beets assist red blood cells in getting more oxygen to working cells. Roast, cool, shred + drizzle with balsamic glaze and salt. Add a spread of mayo to Deli Rye Toast + slice of swiss + salami for balance.

Post Workout Sandwich:

Recovery nutrition after a long, hard training session is essential to staying healthy, energized and strong day after day. The goal is to start refueling glycogen stores and rebuild muscles asap. That's what makes sandwiches an ideal fit; they can be made in minutes or even made ahead of time to have on hand for immediate consumption and provide a balance of macronutrients to refuel the body. Choosing fillings that are savory and more fiber rich can help ease you away from the sugary sport foods + into more nutrient dense, balanced foods.

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Omega Action

Satisfy that post workout hunger with this omega + protein rich option! 
Top a toasted Everything Bagel with cream cheese, whole grain mustard, sprouts, red onion and smoked salmon. 

Hard Boiled

Athletes love HB eggs! Rich in choline, protein and vit D, they are a great fueling choice! Smash one with avocado, salt + curry seasoning. Serve on 7-Grain Toast with red onion and crunchy kale!

Picnic Time

Mix shredded cabbage + shredded chicken with a little ranch dressing. Drizzle on sriracha for a metabolism kick and serve between toasted Heritage Whole Grain Bread.

As an athlete & nutritionist with Celiac Disease, I make sure to pick the best bread for my needs. That option is Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse. I love their delicious varieties of gluten free breads!!

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Share your favorite sandwich creations in the comments!!

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