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15 Running Qs Answered!

15 Running Qs Answered!

I asked you all on Instagram to submit your running questions recently and I got so many great responses from you all!! I chose 15 that addressed different areas to respond to.

  1. How long before a run should I EAT?

    Running is much harder on the GI system, so aim to eat a small snack an hour out or a meal 2-3 hours out. If you are running an hour or less, you only need a small snack such as a banana or glass of OJ beforehand.

  2. How do I deal with the HEAT??

    Drink more fluids with sodium to replenish what you’re losing in the heat. Cool the body as much as possible beforehand by staying in the AC 7 drinking cold beverages. Also, expect runs to be slower when it is hot out!

  3. I hear it’s bad for your joints?

    Running is high impact, so it does put stress on knees - especially if you have extra weight on the body. But, the more you train, the healthier your joints will be later in life!

  4. How do I avoid SHIN SPLINTS??

    Toughie! Make sure to not ramp up mileage too quickly. New runners should increase by only 10% each week, but experienced runners can easily go beyond that. Explore sneakers that are the right stability for your body, not what is stylish or trendy.

  5. How should I progress without over training?

    Over training is a very difficult place to get, I wouldn’t stress it too much! Pay attention to your metrics outside pace/mileage (HR, sleep, stress, etc) & keep the majority (80%!) of the miles EASY. Keep the focus on your progression and not the end result…this is a huge mental help to keep you going and not feeling like the end is unobtainable.

  6. Do you have any good stretches?

    I am a HUGE fan of doing leg swings / hurdle swings and other dynamic stretches to loosen the hips and legs. I typically do these after a half or full mile warm up into my run. Upward facing dog is also a great pose to stretch the core and hips. Calf stretches aren’t my favorite, but they really are a must!

  7. Should I do my runs FASTING?

    Maybe! I’m a fan of fasted runs because short runs do not require fuel and it is easier on the gastric system to have it empty. Only skip the food if you go out early, don’t try to crush the intensity and are running for roughly 60 minutes or less. Remember to get the adaptations of fasting, you need to have not consumed calories for 12 hours prior to the workout.

  8. Thoughts on ‘JUNK MILES’?

    Do your easy runs easier than you think is acceptable and your hard runs will improve. Building mileage requires some non-specific miles, but that doesn’t mean they are junk. They still matter and are useful!

  9. Any advice on getting faster?

    See comment above - also, don’t rush it…but keep pushing! Fast comes with fitness so focus on that part first and let the speed come. Adding speed work is also a must if you really want to accomplish fast PRs.

  10. Will running help me LOSE WEIGHT?

    Maybe! Running is a great way to expend calories, but you’ll only lose weight if you also focus on eating a diet that matches energy and nutritional needs.

  11. Best running SOCKS?

    This is totally personal. I like low profile ankle socks with arch support. Lululemon & Feetures are my fav.

  12. How do I stay motived through a long run?

    Have a fun route, get a group together, listen to a good playlist, or try a running podcast. If social media is your thing, find some good running accounts to follow.

  13. I want to eat EVERYTHING after running, HELP!

    Have a recovery shake ASAP. Then a real, nutrient rich meal. Track your intake throughout the day to make sure you are eating enough. If you are famished and overeating later in the day, chances are your post run meal isn’t big enough.

  14. Do I need to do strength training if I’m a runner?

    Yes! You definitely should add strength, it only takes a few moves to create a more stable, lean body. I suggest lunges, planks, push ups, single leg deadlifts, calf raises and box jumps.

  15. Should I run twice a day?

    Absolutely! It’s a great way to get more miles without over stressing the body at once. To do doubles, make sure your diet and recovery are dialed in.

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