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Running Slow

Running Slow

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Nothing beats a runners high for me.

Completing a fast 6 miler or a long, even super slow 20 miler will have me smiling all day long. There’s just something about moving your own body across far distances with no assistance from a bike, draft, coasting… nothing to hide behind. It’s this exposed, raw effort that makes running feel like such a great accomplishment to me.

Going from cycling a few hundred miles a week to running just 30-40 miles a week seems like a step down at first glance. This is far from the truth! Running is hard. HARD. Again, its just you and your legs. Your joints, muscles, bones, lungs, heart, and mind take 100% of the impact. Okay, your sneakers do take a small amount, I am not barefoot running! But still, your body takes a big impact from each step. Many equate 1 mile of running to 4 miles of biking; roughly a marathon equaling a century of riding. This sounds reasonable, except that I promise recovering from a marathon takes so much longer than a century ride. I can ride 100 miles today and jump back on the bike tomorrow, maybe a little tired… but nbd. If I ran a marathon, there’s almost no way I’m lacing up my shoes the next day! Ouch! Even right now, as I type this after running just 6 miles, my legs ache. Tomorrow they will ache even more and in new places. The impact is so damaging on the body.

This is why I’m easing back into my running routine. I do not want to risk an overuse injury from ramping things up too quickly. So even tho I have a very (VERY!) aggressive and ambitious running goal, I am not rushing it.

Here’s a look at my current week of training as I transition from cycling to running.

Monday - super easy run ~7 miles

Tuesday - hard effort (1 warm up mile + 5 fast) + easy 1 hour bike

Wed - cycling group ride ~50miles moderately difficult

Thurs - double runs ~10 miles total, super easy

Friday - progressive run or pyramid run ~6 miles + easy 1 hour bike ride

Sat - long run, super easy ~10miles

Sunday - Cycling ~80 miles

*fast right now is just not a specific pace, its just working on getting the pace down to race pace.

Because the training is so grueling and takes such a toll on the body, there are extra measures to take with running to ensure your body stays fit, strong, and healthy. As I work towards my running goals, these are some other aspects I’m focused on.

  • Leg recovery! Rolling with the stick, icing, and using the Air Relax compression legs.

  • Stretching! Typically, after a mile of warm up, I do some dynamic stretching like leg swings.

  • Pre run nutrition. Running is much harder on the GI system, so I make sure to keep my pre run fuel small and consistent.

  • Joint Support! To keep joint mobile and ligaments from wearing down, I take Swisse Wellness’s Glucosamine each morning. While you can get glucosamine naturally from food, very few foods (bones, fungi) are rich in it, so I rely on Swisse’s supplement which contains a full day’s recommended needs (1500mg) of glucosamine. I also have been using Klean Athlete’s Collagen+C to boost my body’s ability to form collagen and strengthen my connective tissue.

  • New Gear! Idk about you, but a little shopping is a great motivator for me! Right now I’m looking for a new pair of training sneakers to use.

  • Follow new accounts! Don’t worry cyclists, I still love you! But I have been following lots of new running accounts on IG to help strengthen that community.

That’s a quick look into my transition to running. I’m not disclosing my ambitious goal quite yet because right now I’m just focused on building and feeling strong. But stay tuned because it is going to be a fun and super tough journey!!

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