Shine Bowl

I've said this before; smoothie bowls aren't my thing. They tend to be loaded with sugar, calories, and the texture weirds me out. Of course they look so pretty that it's hard to resist making them. 

This bowl is more porridge breakfast bowl than smoothie bowl. It's simple to make and combines loads of textures, flavors and nutrients. Especially with the edition of Shine Organics superfood fruit & vegetable pouches. These little packets are ideal for snacking, fueling workouts, and as 'pre-made' smoothie ingredient in bowls like this. 


Ingredients: 2 servings

+ 1 cup cooked oats
+ 1 cup roasted Butternut Squash (I roast in coconut oil salt & pepper)
+ 2 tbsp Nut Butter of choice
+ 2 tbsp Raw Pumpkin Seeds
+ 1 Shine Organics CALM pouch
+ 1 cup Yogurt
+ 2 scoops Vital Protein Collagen or Whey
+ Optional toppings - bee pollen, sesame seeds, salt, hemp seeds... 

Stir the yogurt, protein/collagen, and CALM pouch together. Heat the oats and squash. Divvy up all ingredients into 2 bowls. Enjoy!

** You can make it pretty, or just swirl it all together because either way, its delish!