Soba Bowl

Aiming for a more plant based diet? Good choice! Adding more plants to your diet can boost nutrient stores, increase energy, promote metabolic efficiency, and help prevent poor health outcomes. 

This is a favorite summer meal of mine. It's simple, clean, and bursting with color + flavor!! 


+ 1/2 cup Watermelon, diced
+ 4oz Buckwheat Noodles (make sure to get 100% buckwheat!)
+ 1/4 Chioggia Beet, thin sliced
+ 1/4 cup Snap Peas, sliced thin
+ 1/2 Avocado, sliced thin
+ 1/4 cup Purple Cabbage, sliced thin
+ 1/4 cup Yellow Pepper, sliced thin
+ 2 tbsp Sesame Oil
+ 1 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
+ 1 tbsp Sesame Seeds
+ 2 tsp Coconut Aminos



Shake the oil, vinegar, and aminos together. Cook the buckwheat noodles in boiling water for 8 minutes. Remove and immediately rinse with cold water. Use your fingers to swish the noodles in cold water to stop the cooking and prevent any clumping. Toss the noodles with the dressing and divide into two bowls. Top with the assorted fruits and vegetables and sprinkle with sesame seeds. ENJOY!


+ Make it Extra Special

**If you don't want to go all plant, add a serving of steamed salmon to this bowl!