Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I get it. Some days you just need a simple, no fuss meal where you don't mix your own dressing, soak cashews, spiralize a squash, or slow roast beets. 

Yesterday was that day for me. My mind was busy with other tasks and being in the kitchen just wasn't happening. I wasn't quite ready to order take-out and going to a cafe requires showering and mascara (I know, it was THAT kind of day). 

But one still needs food. 


Spicy Chicken Sandwich


+ 2 slices Bread (sprouted/gluten free/ whole grain)
+ 2 frozen chicken tenders ( I used gluten free bell+evans) 
+ 1 TBSP Harissa
+ 1 cup Kale (1-2 leaves) 
+ 2 TBSP Ranch Dressing
+ 1/4 Avocado



Set oven at 375. Bake chicken tenders for 15 minutes. Brush with the harissa. Continue baking ~20 more minutes, until crisp. Meanwhile, massage the ranch into your kale leaves. You want them to be saucy and tender. Toast your bread and mash/spread the avocado on one side. Top with the ranchy kale, spicy chicken and remaining slice of toast. Enjoy!

Bread + frozen chicken isn't my go to ... and shouldn't be yours either. But there is no harm in taking the easy way out occasionally. Your best bet is to keep quality, quick ingredients on hand to choose from.