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Stage Race Diet Recall

Stage Race Diet Recall

Here is a full recall of what I ate during stage 3 of a 5 day cycling race.

For some context, Day 1 & 2 were 70+ mile climby road courses, day 3 was a 16 mile ITT (+extra riding for warm up / cool down), day 4 is a 27 mile crit & day 5 is a 74 mile climby road race. So the goal with my eating on this day is to have energy to perform well day of & the days to come. I want enough carbohydrates to fuel my efforts, but not enough to feel sluggish and puffy (at least not on this day which is lighter in volume and followed by a lighter volume day). Protein and fat need to be present for recovery and satiety. Because my mood is not great today… miss my man, miss being home, race isn’t going as well as I hoped, drama with a friend… I am really craving ingredients that will boost my mood like a ‘classic’ burger, fatty salmon, antioxidant rich berries, and chocolate.

Full diet recall for Stage 3 ( 10:40 am ITT ):

  • 5am wake up

  • 7am black coffee & 2 eggs

  • 8:30am overnight oats (sprouted oats + almond butter + almond milk + dried fruit + banana + collagen peptides)

  • 10am sugar free Redbull + 1 Roctane GU

  • 12:30pm Power Bar peanut butter caramel snack bar

  • 2pm veggie burger ( high protein patty + vegenaise + lettuce/tomato/onion/ avo + CanyonBakehouse GF rye bread) + diet coke

  • 3pm 2 handfuls tortilla chips & salsa

  • 6pm Salmon Salad (6oz salmon filet + romaine lettuce + strawberries + beets + zucchini + gluten free pasta + ranch dressing )

  • 8pm 4 Hershey kisses & electrolyte water

  • 10pm bed!

Remember that each race nutrition situation is different based on race intensity, distance, timing, food preference, food tolerance, and individual goals. What you consumed & trained/raced the days before and plan to consume & race the next day also matters.

If you’re questioning your nutrition for upcoming races, schedule a consult!

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