Sting Like a Bee

This simple shake is all you need to recovery from a solid workout. 

Recovery fuel needs to be easy because after a hard workout, your body needs to be replenished ASAP! Also, who wants to be prepping food while sweaty and smelly... no one. You just want something you can toss together and be eating in minutes. 

Shakes/ Smoothies are awesome for this reason. They get us athletes the fuel we need to rebuild and re-energize quickly. This one contains anti-oxidant rich honey and cherries.


+ 1 Frozen Banana
+ 1/4 cup Frozen Cherries
+ 1/2 cup Milk
+ 1/4 cup Water
+ Pinch Salt
+ 1 tbsp Honey
+ 1 scoop Whey Protein


Blend it until thick and smooth! Enjoy - preferably with your legs up and kit off ;)