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Summer Picks

Summer Picks

New season means new favorites.

Here are some of the essentials I’m currently relying on to beat the heat.

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  • Daily Harvest Avocado - Cucumber Chilled Soup - Super hydrating blend of nutrients that makes an amazing snack or light meal on a hot day.

  • Go Raw Pumpkin Seed Sprouted Bites - Bread can be heavy on hot days, instead I use these raw ‘crackers’ to scoop my tuna or egg salad.

  • Iced Almond Milk + Moon Juice Cosmic Matcha - Its green and grassy and screams summer.


  • BYANK Playlist - I use Google Play - Its fun and a little dreamy.

  • Gin & Tonics with Fever Tree Light Tonic - I love a good cocktail. In the summer, I like to keep it refreshing & simple with this classic.

  • Good Book - right now I’m reading Mars Room up next is Material Girl, Spiritual World


  • Neutrogena Sport Face SPF 70+ - doesn’t come off with sweat!

  • Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hair Spray - provides a beachy wave & a little bounce.

  • Swisse Wellness Hair Skin Nails - Its a supplement I pop all summer to keep me glowing.


  • ROKA Halsey Sunnies in Matte Black - I don’t wear much black in the summer, except for these super cool shades.

  • Madewell Pull On Shorts (pictured) - When I strip off my spandex, I want to pull on shorts that are comfortable, breathable and still chic.

  • FreePeople Crop Top obsession - Which crop? All of them. Seriously. Fill your cart, you will not be upset about it.


  • Garmin Forerunner 935 fitness watch - Yes you’ll get a tan line from it, but the data on health, running, cycling & anything else you’re doing is worth it.

  • CRZ Yoga Light & Stretch Tank - Super affordable workout gear is something I can get behind. This is a longer, looser tank, but I like to tie it in the back for a form fitting cropped style.

  • Lululemon Run All Day - backpack - picnic, commute, whatever adventure I go on, this pack is just the right size.

  • SiS Electrolyte Tablets Cola - I add a caffeinated tablet to my water bottle in the morning to keep me hydrated without diluting my electrolytes.

  • Peppermint Cycling Spray Sports Bra - The lightest sports bra I own, these colorful options keep summer fun.

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Recipes for Summer

Recipes for Summer

Managing It ALL

Managing It ALL